Repost: Introducing An Easier Way how you receive and deliver your items: Dailivery

Oliver Gloor
2 min readMar 27, 2020

Posted: May 2019

How we send and order things is becoming increasingly important in the modern world. As human beings, we want to receive things without much effort. Technology is changing and aiding how we interact with one another.

There are many ways to send or receive things. But there’s no concrete way to send or receive your items with just your smartphone. Especially, if the size of the items exceeds regular parcel sizes. How do you find someone who can deliver the item you want? And when you do find the said person, where’s the guarantee that he will do the job right and how much you pay in the end? Finding couriers or renting a van a DIY eats up your time and having to call them, is very outdated. Nor do you know if they have time when you need it which can be a challenge.

Soo outdated…

Delivering with Dailivery is a way that people can combat this. It’s the idea that two people a driver and a sender get connected. It’s simple as that. The sender will decide, what he wants to have picked-up or what he needs to deliver and the driver will decide if it’s a fitting delivery for his car and availability.

Our aim is, to connect the right drivers with you, the sender who needs something delivered. Being able to create a shipment, seeing the price beforehand and getting connected to a driver means that you can focus on the more important stuff during your day. Not only do you get your item(s) delivered, you also help the community to get more personalized deliveries.

You can send items based on specific categories. If you want to send a parcel to your partner business on-demand or you bought a couch of a marketplace platform and need someone to pick it up at the sellers’ address, you can do it. You get a driver assigned, that just takes care of your delivery. There’s no hassle anymore to deliver your stuff and best of all… you save time & money.

We’re not trying to replace traditional companies. But we want to be the best option or tool to deliver for private persons who ship your items fast, doesn’t matter the size. We’ve built a place where you can do this and it will solve your problems by finding the right delivery choice that you never could before

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